Calderdale, Halifax

88 new homes at West End Golf Club, Halifax.

It has been on the cards for a long time, but now Barratt Homes has submitted an application to build 88 homes upon some of the current West End Golf club land, including 18 classified as affordable housing.

The team at Barratts have submitted full drawings, plans and almost 30 pieces of documentation.

Local houses have received literature, and consultation is now open for public discussion. You can see all the comments, and documents on the council’s website or by clicking here

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  1. Stephen Priestley

    Just to be clear the residents who live on Harewood Avenue (building work will be effectively taking place in their back gardens) have received no literature whatsoever. Residents at the bottom of Albert Road however have received literature even though the building work will not impact them directly.

    Interesting coincidence I think. Presumably legislation dicatates they must circulate x number of documents to local residents but doesn’t stimulate which residents..

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