Calderdale, Halifax

A Litter-Picking Revolution in Halifax?

The owners of the Acapulco have been very publicly calling out Calderdale Council for litter on our streets in and around Halifax recently. We feel for the Council, having to cope with huge reductions in budgets and so many priorities, including social care, it’s an uphill battle thats very common around the country.

It seems that some community groups around the area are taking matters in to their own hands and organising litter picking communities. Groups such as Siddal Community Clean Up have been doing a wonderful job in both Siddal and down in to the town centre are routinely collecting between 12 & 25 bin bags full of discarded food, bottles, wrappers and even a mannequins head! I’m told that so far the Siddal group alone has collected 1942 Bags! Wow.

Interested in creating a group in your area? Already have one? Get in touch with us and we will help promote getting our streets up to speed!

Image: With permission and courtesy of Toni Mfc Holmes via Facebook.

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