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BBC reveals Calderdale A&E and Waiting List Scorecard

On a recent visit to the A&E department at Calderdale Royal, the Doctor described “every night was like how Saturday nights used to be”. In other words, hardly any respite for staff or patients, resulting in crowded waiting rooms, watever the time of day or night.

The BBC news launched an interesting NHS performance tracker this week, detailing how each trust was performing against three key variables.

  • How often ambulances are queing outside A&E for 30 minutes or more (The “target” is 15 minutes)
  • How many “long” A&E waits are there compared to the four hour target
  • How may patients face long waits for treatment. This is defined as longer than the target time of 17 weeks.

Calderdale & Huddersfield Trust is perfoming well in 2 of the 3 categories as detailed below. While that may not be a comfort to those facing long waits, it does at least show some positive news compared to other trusts around the country.

14% of ambulances queued longer than the 15 minute target. This compares to 34% around England, and is quite a way ahead of the neighbouring Bradford trust results, with 17% of time. It was also interesting to note that Ambulance arrivals were up 12.3% year on year as a whole in Calderdale. Despite the increase, performance was better than the 17% recorded during 2022.

When it comes to long A&E waits 33% of Calderdale patients waited longer than the 4-hour target time. England’s average was 30%, while Bradford patients were at 26%, a reducion from 29% the previous year

28% of Calderdale’s patients faced a longer than 18 weeks for their treatment this year, compared to the England average of 42%. This is much improved from the 37% recording in 2022 despite an increase in volume of 11% in the waiting list number. 1 in 3 (33%) Bradford patients experienced a delay in waiting lists compared to 28% in 2022, though it has seen an increase of 5.8% of the number of people on the waiting list.

If you’d like to check your local NHS trust, the BBC tracker can be found here

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