Brighouse, Calderdale

Brighouse BID to extend for 5 more years in yes vote

Following this years successful ballot by the Halifax Bid for an extended term, Brighouse businesses and rate payers have voted yes to 5 more years for the Brighouse BID team.

Brighouse BID went to the ballots and over 80% of the rateable value of the catchment area voted in favour which translated to 61% of the individual rate payer votes.

A quick look at BID’s facebook page shows a lot of activity supporting and highlighting the retailers and hospitality industry.

Co Chair, Lesley Adams told the Halifax Courier,

This is a great result for Brighouse and I am delighted businesses, shops and venues have seen the benefit of having the BID for our town for a further five years.

“I am acutely aware that the levy paid, no matter what amount, is an additional cost on hard-pressed business owners but we will work as hard as we can to ensure by ringfencing the money – in Brighouse, for Brighouse – each and every business sees the benefit of the BID.”

Brighouse has a great heritage of activism when it comes to promoting the town, even pre-dating the current times, so it’s great to see the show of support once again.

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