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Tom Odell A Review From The Piece Hall

Tom Odell Live At The Piece Hall, An Emotional Yet Humbling Sunday Evening In June

On the last Sunday evening in June, the bleak weather set the scene with a slight chill in the air… the perfect setting for Tom Odell to perform in as part of the TK Maxx Presents series live at the Piece Hall. It was a Masterclass of raw music genius; a grand piano was set up on the Piece Hall stage awaiting Odell to take prime position for an evening of musical storytelling with enough emotion to pack a punch, sit back and make you think.

Odell took to the stage shortly before 9pm, with screams from the crowd. His band walked on first to huge applause.

A true storyteller, singer-songwriter Tom Odell took the audience on an emotional and intimate journey. My teenage self would be screaming too! I feel like Odell’s music took me through my angsty teenage years and last night took me back on a musical journey of feelings and backtracked me to memories I thought I had forgotten of lost loves and what could of been’s.

Whilst Odell’s show was no upbeat, energetic dance extravaganza there were a few songs which had toes tapping. Instead, it struck a much deeper, more emotional chord. A masterclass in true musical storytelling, the West Chichester singer-songwriter took the sell-out Piece Hall audience on an emotional and intimate journey through loss, pain, and heartache and every possible feeling. A few times I had tears in my eyes, nonetheless magically leaving the full audience and myself  “smiling all the way back home.”

Odell and his band played an array of hits Including ‘Another Love’, ‘Grow Old With Me and ‘I Know’ leaving the audience entranced in emotion, Odell’s famous soulful voice took the famous cloth hall’s sold out audience into another realm,  we all felt his pain, his anger, his joy, his heartfelt lyrics brought to life, I can’t help but get goosebumps thinking back to last night unfolding before my eyes it really was something else and possibly up the with one of the best shows I have seen.

TK Maxx presents Live at The Piece Hall, has already broken records for ticket sales with more than 170,000 tickets sold across the series. Outside of events in London and the south coast, only Glastonbury and Liverpool’s Anfield stadium will welcome more gig goers to outdoor shows in England between June and August – confirming The Piece Hall as one of the nation’s leading live music venues.

The series continues  Sunday, July 7 with Rick Astley and Lightning Seeds.

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