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Wibsey Community Gardens Update

As I write, snow is falling and I am smiling as I can’t help feeling this is just one day. We really are moving towards Spring at the Gardens!  

Buds are popping out on the fruit trees and on our soft fruit bushes. We have been busy planting lots of seeds and now have over a hundred and forty small green seedlings growing under cover in our Polytunnel. Last weekend was just a touch warmer and our bees came out to enjoy the warmth and forage. Lovely to see them dancing around. 

How about you – are you starting to feel ready for Spring and wanting to get more active. Are you interested in joining us at the Gardens? Theres lots on offer here. You can call and enjoy shopping from our Scrap Magic Scrap Store or try our fresh vegetables, herbs and salads. You could join us and get active in the Gardens enjoying working onsite with our team – it can really help your health.  

Brian’s Volunteer Experience 

A few months ago, Brian rang, following a heart attack he was no longer able to carry out the paid work he enjoyed, and he did not want to waste his tools; he found our website and rang saying he wanted to donate his tools. Our Operations Manager Karen arranged to meet Brian and collect his donated tools. She was overwhelmed by his beautiful garden and how lovely he had made it.  

As they chatted Karen realised that Brian was going to miss his work but didn’t see a way to carry on. Karen asked Brian to visit us and on his first visit he struggled to walk from the roadside parking to our gates. He loved the site and has since joined us, working with wood onsite. He visits weekly and he has commented that his stamina, breathing and general health much improved since his first visit.  

We are lucky to have him with his good ideas and skills – a great asset. Brian designed and built the new pagoda, offering a special area for people to sit with their hot drinks and cake and to enjoy being outside. Brian says that he loves being part of the team, feels appreciated and safe, and is pleased to note that his stamina and general fitness very much improved since joining us.  


We are spending time looking after the gardens and working maintaining the site. We would benefit from wood that people could donate to us. We are seeking timber and plywood ideally a minimum of four feet long. We want to mend the composting bays and the planting beds. 


Do you have any timber or plywood you could donate to Wibsey Community Gardens to help with mending our compost bays and planting beds? Timber or plywood, ideally four feet long or longer? 

Contact Jen White on 07707 658465 


Our first harvest is coming through and we are starting to sell our vegetables and salads again. We already have fresh coriander, chard and kale.  


I have included a recipe for chocolate brownies that we use here at Wibsey.  This is quite a rich dessert and surprisingly easy to make. Try it and let us know how you get on. The chocolate chips are optional and are very nice if you do want to include them but not essential. 

Wibsey Park, Wibsey, BD6 3EQ 

Phone: 07707 658465 

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